Denver7 Gives helps Aurora dance studio

DENVER – The Platinum Divaz Dance Company takes hip hop to a whole new level. From adolescence to adolescence, they move in ways that most people cannot.

“Before you shower, practice before you eat… just practice working out,” said Jahleesa Lawler, a dancer with Platinum Divaz.

It’s second nature to them: to train and perform competitively. But behind the scenes, the organization offers much more than dance lessons.

“It’s been a lot. It’s taught me a lot, like how to be comfortable around people,” said Mary Wells, a 16-year-old dancer for the group. “It made me love people and develop fellowship and stuff.”

This brotherhood has been the essence of the group.

Chiniqua Jackson, the organization’s founder, says their “biggest thing is mentoring young children.”

Co-owner Stanisha Evans-Snellson said the studio is a home for their dancers.

“We’re the second moms they have, the second dads they have,” Evans-Snellson said.

For high school student Endeeya Clark, the Platinum Divazes have helped her find solace outside of the adversity she faces at school.

“There have been bullies at school and bullies around them, and it’s super cool to be able to come to a fellowship where you can talk about it and get this uplifting advice,” Clark said.

The vision behind the organization has recently drawn more community members since they last spoke in Denver7 earlier this summer.

“Since then we’ve grown tremendously. We now have 80 members, boys and girls. It’s been a big, big blessing,” Jackson said.

More people in attendance requested a larger studio.

“The rent has gone up a lot. The rent has almost more than doubled, actually,” Jackson said.

And that’s why Denver7 viewers stepped in and raised $ 2,000 for the studio.

“Thank you very much. We appreciate it,” Jackson said.

It’s a small gesture of appreciation, but one that can take what’s already a stellar act to the next level on the floor.

“It can be used for so many things. We need tumbling mats. We’re working on tumbling and some of them are good at stunting,” Jackson said.

“We appreciate you so much in Denver7, thank you,” Jackson said.

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