Elin Dance Studio offers bungee yoga that lets you fly while exercising

Become the embodiment of #bodygoals having fun and soaring across the room with bungee yoga to Elin Dance Studio.

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Whether you’re a gym aficionado or someone who isn’t the biggest fan of working out yet, you’ll likely enjoy an exercise that helps you do three important things. Burn calories, strengthen your core for that six-pack you crave, and tone your muscles for it dream body just in time for beach season. And let’s not forget, we want to accomplish all of these things while having the time of our lives.

elin dance studio bungee yoga class
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If you’re unfamiliar with how bungee workouts like bungee yoga work, it’s basically having a bungee cord attached to you while you do your workouts and the buoyancy and support provided by the elastic cord will allow you to bounce and fly all over the world. simple room.

Good news, with the help of the bungee cord, you’ll also have improved flexibility so you can finally perform those yoga poses you’ve previously struggled with. You’d be surprised what you can do just by being attached to the bungee cord.

Don’t worry if you’re someone who hasn’t worked out for a hot minute either, the bungee cord will help support you so there isn’t too much pressure on your body and you can liberate your interior. acrobat like everyone else. The elastic cord does not discriminate. You can even perform high intensity workouts without impact.

elin dance studio bungee yoga class
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By the time you reached the end of your bungee training, you would have unknowingly had a full body workout and sweated a lot from your newfound ability to fly and bounce while attached to the bungee cord. And best of all, the rush of endorphins and the feeling of accomplishment will put anyone in a good mood.

elin dance studio aerial yoga
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Elin Dance Studio also offers a bunch of other classes for people from all walks of life like street dance, latin dance, Aerial Yoga, Yoga, ballroom dancing, Jazz and Chinese Dance. It’s great because everyone deserves Jazz improve their workout routines and have fun while staying active. There is also a Opening Special which allows three trial classes in any gender for you to test the waters and find out if these workouts are for you.

It’s time to get ready for my dream body this summer. See you soon if I see you!

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