Grafton dance studio welcomes students of all skill levels

By Catherine Twing, Contributing writer

Each class at Beatz Dance Studio is inclusive and welcomes dancers of all skill levels.
Photo / courtesy Beatz Dance Studio

Grafton – Although 2020 has been a tough year, one company in Grafton hasn’t missed a beat.

Beatz Dance Studio, a family owned and operated studio, focuses on teaching high quality dance to dancers of all skill levels. They quickly adapted to the virtual world and now all of their classes are offered in person and online.

“We have dance for children and adults with and without special needs, and are available to anyone who wants to dance,” said co-owner and teacher Cindy Libbey.

Libbey is co-owner of the studio with her two daughters, Alycia and Lynsey Beatrice. The studio’s name actually comes from Lynsey’s nickname in high school – Beatz.

The two girls started dancing lessons at a young age and went to school for dancing. Alycia is a special education teacher at a local high school, which is why welcoming dancers with special needs was the plan from day one.

Welcoming students of all levels

“Our very first student to enroll was a girl with Down’s syndrome, and our second student also had special needs,” noted Alycia. “They struggled to find studios where that was a core value. For us, half of the studio corresponds to special needs.

Libbey told the story of a college student whose mother had been trying to find dance lessons for her daughter since she was three. Beatz were the first studio to not only say ‘yes’ but impatiently ask when they might get started.

Beatz Dance Studio is also unique in that it offers both recital and non-recital programs.

“It’s great for kids who are looking to do something but aren’t ready to commit. Or if they play sports, it’s a great way to give it a try in the short term, ”said Libbey. “Especially for the little ones, they don’t have to commit to a year of dancing, they can commit to a small session.”

As a mother of two daughters who sometimes took 10 dance lessons each, Libbey knows the importance of keeping rates low. They also have scholarships.

The studio offers a variety of classes ranging from ballet and jazz to hip hop and musical theater. They focus on fun and friendship, not competition.

Adapting to the constraints of the pandemic

Last year they had to postpone their recital from June to September. It took place outdoors at the Vandervalk farm in Mendon. They divided the day into segments so that family members could watch while following the safety guidelines.

Lynsey described that during the planning process they went from Plan A to Plan Z. And they’re ready to do whatever they need in 2021 to be there for their students.

“It’s cool to develop relationships with our students, whether in the classroom or virtually. It has become almost an essential part of the way we teach now. We have learned things that will be beneficial even in the future, ”said Lynsey. For example, colored squares on the floor to maintain social distance can also be used as a fun learning tool.

They do their best to maintain value even when lessons are virtual and believe this model has helped them stay strong this year. Students can easily go virtual if they need to.

The Beatz Dance Studio staff are excited to continue their classes in 2021, as well as resuming adult classes.

You will find more information about Beatz Dance Studio as well as how to register for classes. here Or on their Facebook page.

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