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Bonjour India, France’s cultural, artistic, educational and literary festival, celebrates International Dance Day through various projects.

Bonjour India, France’s cultural, artistic, educational and literary festival in India, celebrates International Dance Day through various projects taking place from March to May 2022. These include dance performances, S. Thala and ELECTRIC, as well as the short film festival Let’s Dance! Let’s dance! and ELECTRIC is scheduled close to International Dance Day – April 29 – a day that highlights the diversity and talent of dancers around the world. Let’s dance! – has already and will continue to present breathtaking dance styles. And soon, Hello India’s ELECTRIC – by Blanca Li will offer the public new dance steps. S. Thala was recently performed in four Indian cities: Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and New Delhi, delighting all who attended.

To the Let’s go dancing ! screenings, the public will be able to discover short films handpicked by the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. These short films on dance offer surprising, personal, dramatic, funny, sometimes nervous, even explosive points of view. This retrospective offers the public an eclectic panorama of all dance styles and their origins. Let’s dance! has already screened in Kolkata and Ahmedabad. It will be screened in Pune on April 28.andChandigarh on April 28 and 29 and New Delhi on April 29and on the occasion of International Dance Day. The showcase’s overlap with International Dance Day gives people the opportunity to celebrate the spirit of dance.

On the Parisian dance scene, Blanca Li reigns supreme with her avant-garde productions. The latest is Le Bal de Paris – an interactive and immersive experience created by Blanca Li herself that allows spectators to actively participate in the performance through virtual reality, dance and music! The show begins with a performance by professional dancers in the real world and slowly turns into a spectacular thirty-five minute immersion in a fantastical and poetic universe of augmented reality. The audience is no longer a passive observer – each viewer becomes part of the performance. They can choose an avatar, put on a virtual costume designed by Chanel and interact live with the dancers. The transition from real to virtual occurs through three ballroom scenes where the swirling narrative of a romance propels participants through the performance. The main characters are Blanca Li’s professional dancers, but the audience is seamlessly integrated into the story. Everyone is free to dance, enjoy the party as they wish and interact with whoever they want. The show has taken the dance world by storm and is currently playing to packed audiences across Europe.

Bonjour India will be delighted to welcome ELECTRIC by Blanca Li – an incredible electro-dance performance that rewrites the rules of the genre itself! Like Le Bal de Paris, ELECTRIC too was choreographed by Blanca Li who is widely recognized as a master of urban dance and recently became the first female choreographer to join the prestigious Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2021. ELECTRIC features 8 dancers who have won countless awards around the world and are internationally recognized for their contribution to electro culture. The show’s soundtrack incorporates a touch of baroque music and was composed in part by Tao Gutierrez. ELECTRIC represents a great concentration of talents in a joyful and fun show to enjoy with the family and which promises to be the event of the cultural season! A form of dance, electro was invented in the suburbs of Paris in the 2000s. The unique dance style has steadily evolved since then to become synonymous with explosive yet precise movements. ELECTRIC is the third exploration of the urban electro dance style by Blanca Li after the show Elektro Kif (2009) and the film Elektro Mathématrix (2015). The dance performance is scheduled in Mumbai and Hyderabad on May 8 and 11 respectively. Two shows will also be held in New Delhi on May 14 and 15. The event was organized in partnership with the JSW group.

Another interesting performance – S. Thala is inspired by the novel by Marguerite Duras – Love. The novel tells the story of a man who arrives in a seaside town to abandon his present. Yet there he is reintroduced to his past after meeting a woman to whom he had been engaged twenty years ago as a young man. The woman walks with it and is watched by another man. The dance performance captures the interaction between the three through poetic dance. While Marguerite Duras never visited India, S. Thala, Performed by Annette Leday who studied Kathakali and Western dance, aptly captures India as she imagined it. Spectators who had never read love walked out of the show feeling like they knew Duras intimately.

Commenting on the three Bonjour India dance events, Mr. Stéphane Amalir, Director of the Alliance Française de Delhi, said: “Dance, like music, is an international communication tool that breaks down the barriers that languages erect. Each of these events is not only a great showcase of skills and cooperation between artists, but they also illustrate how dance brings people and cultures together, as well as performers and audiences. What could be more precious in our divided world?

Bonjour India events are open to everyone and often located in public locations to maximize accessibility. The initiative celebrates the partnership between India and France by providing easy access to French and Indian cultural motifs. Bonjour India events are meant to entertain audiences of all ages and backgrounds and lead to lively and friendly discussions.

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