Hip and inclusive cafe by day, lively dance studio by night

Giving up caffeine? No problem! The owner has already thought about it and created options for those looking to be part of the coffee scene, but caffeine-free.

SAN ANTONIO- Bright cafe located in Beacon Hill was founded to bring the community together and unite those with a burning passion for coffee—and swing dancing.

Hana Buck, the owner of Bright Coffee, said she and her fiancé have a passion for swing dancing and wanted to find a way to combine that passion while helping people who follow theirs. A coffee made perfect sense.

“We wanted to bring all of these ideas together in one space so that it would be like a common watering hole but also a creative space for artists to grow and build their craft and showcase their work,” Buck said.

Buck describes Bright Coffee as a “café during the day and a studio at night”. The San Antonio Swing Dance Society is high on their list of priorities, but anyone who wants to rent the space is welcome, Buck said.

The extraordinary cafe has only been open for two months, but business is booming.

“The neighborhood has been really, really supportive,” Bucks said. “Beacon Hill has a very rich history, so we wanted to pay homage to it and make sure everyone who was here before us felt welcome.”

Bright Coffee offers the traditional espresso menu you expect from cafes, but it has also added Korean-inspired drinks such as a Banana Milk Latte and other flavors. Bucks also made it a point to create something that looks and tastes like coffee but without the caffeine, noting that she knows people choose to live a caffeine-free life.

“Being able to offer alternatives beyond coffee and tea was kind of a challenge, but the red bean latte and black sesame coffee are caffeine-free,” Bucks said. “So these are really fun and interesting drinks that feel like you’re still included in the coffee scene.”

One thing Buck said she really loves about coffee is how it brings people together. She’s seen people who have come to start their day, strike up a conversation with someone else doing the same thing, and make a connection that way.

“That’s my favorite part. It’s just about bringing people together, getting them to collaborate, and creating new things,” Bucks said.

As her dreams come true, she says she hopes this business will continue to be a grassroots positive in the community. It’s also a pet-friendly cafe, with their first four-legged regular being Jet.


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