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The Triple Pointe Dance Academy, named after the three sisters who founded the company, is slated to open in September.

“It’s a childhood dream we always talked about, to open a studio together someday,” said Lexie Anne Stephens Brown, the eldest of the trio. “We had a little pretend dance studio in our basement at home where we invented dances, so it’s been a bit long in coming.”

Over the past few months, that dream has come true, Brown said. She and her sisters, Mary Blaire Stephens and Colbie Normann Stephens, are putting the finishing touches on a storefront in Spring Lane Mall, between OfficeMax and Dollar Tree, Brown said.

The studio will offer dance lessons for people of all ages, from 18 months to 80 years old. Toddlers can take the “Mommy and Me” class, which gets them used to the creative movement, Brown said.

Children aged 2 to 18 can then take combination lessons, which cover the basics of tap and ballet before integrating acrobatics, lyric dance and contemporary dance. The studio also offers jazz and tap dance lessons for adults.

“There is a little something for everyone,” said Brown. “Dancing is a great outlet for self-esteem, for meeting friends, for feeling like you are part of something bigger than yourself. Learn to play and come out of its shell.

Each of the sisters started dancing at the age of 2 and studied dance until college, Brown said.

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She majored in dance at Meredith College in Raleigh before teaching at Jordan High School in Durham and Deep River and WB Wicker Elementary Schools in Lee County.

“My favorite part of teaching is seeing kids fall in love with dance and sharing my passion for it with others… and seeing them learn to be confident,” Brown said. “Seeing a kid light up after being on stage and knowing that they’re really proud of their accomplishment is probably my favorite part of teaching. “

Running the studio will be a full-time job for Brown, while Mary Blaire and Colbie Normann help teach part-time. Born and raised in Sanford, one of the sisters’ goals is to “bring a new way (of expression) to the children of the community,” said Brown.

“We are really excited,” she said. “It won’t really be such a big change that we work together because we’re already together all the time. It’s just one more that we can do something the three of us love so much.

An open house for the Triple Pointe Dance Academy is scheduled for August 8 at 2 p.m. The studio is at 869 Spring Lane. Classes start the last week of September.

Visit triplepointe for more information.

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