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Amy Houston was always on a dance floor somewhere as a young girl. And as she got older, she performed wonderfully on shows such as The Nutcracker, Guys and Dolls, South Pacific, and The Music Man. She even graduated in theater and dance – so, clearly, dancing was her life.

But ask Houston about those wonderful memories and accomplishments, and she’ll quickly tell you that her passion for performing was just part of what would become her lifelong dream and larger goal.

“I was inspired by dance and my own instructors, so it was always my goal to own a dance studio,” Houston said. “Even at 10, I remember drawing studio floor plans on napkins when I went out to restaurants with my family. That’s when my dream started – when I was 10.

To say Houston achieved that dream would be an understatement. Today, she is the founder and proud owner of Turning Pointe Dance Studio, a hugely popular staple in the Flower Mound community for 17 years. The name represents the turning point of dance in Houston’s life. And supported by an incredible team of teachers and staff – including a handful of Houston Dance Company alumni – he evolved into a growing Christian family of cheerful, enthusiastic students and dedicated educators with a gift to bring out the best in every child. .

“Honestly, I could never have achieved this dream without the people around me,” Houston said. She and her husband, David, have been married for eight years and have three children. Her biggest fan is her 91-year-old grandmother, Mama Dee. His mother, Shere, a successful entrepreneur herself, is on staff at Turning Pointe. “I have a huge support system and our teachers love what they do. The best part is when teachers join our staff, they stay for years. They have a passion for dance and these kids, and their creativity and their artistry take our routines to a whole new level.

She added: “It became something I could never have dreamed of when I was 10.”

Amy Houston brings smiles to the faces of her students daily at Turning Pointe Dance Studio. (Photo by Lynn Seeden/Seeden Photography)

Turning Pointe first opened in 2005. At that time, the studio was located in downtown Bartonville, which felt like it was in the middle of nowhere since Lantana was a long way from the vibrant community it is today. But the studio kept bringing in new dancers and eventually expanded to a second dance floor two years later.

Houston then leased its current space at Flower Mound in 2011. It added a third dance floor in a separate location five years later. In 2021, she bought a building at 2801 Morriss Road which she hopes will be completed in June.

The new facility measures approximately 5,600 square feet and provides additional outdoor space for visitors and students.

“We are thrilled with our forever home,” Houston said.

Through all of this continued growth and a full complement of instructors, directors and choreographers, Turning Pointe has always offered a wide selection of classes and class times for participants from the age of 3 to the adults. This includes ballet, hip hop, contemporary, tap, jazz, and drill team prep. Their award-winning dancers have had the honor of performing across the country, including at the New Amsterdam Theater on Broadway, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, SeaWorld, Nationals Dance Competitions and several mid-week entertainment shows. weather.

They have nine Dance Company teams which are grouped by age and skill level.

But not everyone starts at this level. If you are a mom and want to take your 18 month to 3 year old for Mommy & Me classes, Turning Pointe is the right place for you. If your child is just starting out and aspires to professional competition, they can do that too. Do you just want to dance for fun? Turning Pointe has just the right class.

“We have kids who only want to dance once a week and kids who want to train all the time and compete,” Houston said. “We offer something for everyone, no matter where they are on their dance journey.”

But if you ask anyone who has taught at Turning Pointe or had a kid in a program, they’ll tell you it’s more than just a dance studio. Houston created it because of the instructors who inspired her, and the proverbial spinning dance became part of her life. She wanted nothing more than to share this love of dance with as many children as possible.

Her staff also focuses on building dancers from within, focusing on love, kindness, communication, creating memories, building friendships, and fostering strong character.

“Turning Pointe does a tremendous job of building confidence and character in the performing arts. They genuinely care about the children and do everything possible to safeguard their well-being,” parent Evan Sanchez told the studio’s website. “My daughter has been dancing here for six years.”

Houston agreed, adding that the proof is in the pudding.

“We recently went to a competition and won the professionalism award because of the kindness, respect and positivity of our students,” Houston said. “It was the best thing that could have come out of this event because it tells me that we teach the right things. While technique is important, ultimately the way they pointed their toes on stage didn’t matter. not as important as their character. We know that we do the right thing with these children by giving them a place to go where they feel at home. That’s what makes our studio so special.

And what about all those napkin drawings from his youth? They turned out to be quite a good inspiration after all.

“I remember being in my childhood studio as a young girl, and there was this little window that all the parents could look through to see their kids dancing,” Houston said with a laugh. “They were all crowding around each other, and I remember thinking, ‘I want a whole hallway of windows. So I got the viewports I always wanted – and so much more.

To learn more about Turning Pointe Dance Studio, visit TurningPointeTX.com.

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